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You always want to remember not just how you looked when you first walked down the aisle but also how you felt. And you never want to forget how you both looked on the dance floor as your first time dancing as husband and wife.

These precious moments are best documented by a professional photographer with the skills and expertise to focus on the finer details.

I am a Surrey-based wedding and event photographer with 10 years of experience creating happy memories for my clients. To me, wedding photography is not about stiff poses and forced smiles but more about the spontaneous, unplanned moments and unguarded expressions that happen naturally and are most genuine.

When you hire me, you are guaranteed an album full of joyful moments and radiant smiles because I aim to capture the joy of your magical day. From the loving glances to the tears of joy and everything in between,

I add a special touch to each carefully composed photograph. I’m friendly, engaging and shoot discreetly so I will never interrupt or get in the way. The bottom line is though I tailor my services to match your unique priorities, I aim to capture images that tell the beautiful story of one of your most significant day.

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