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After the Day is done and the happy couple are honeymooning I get to work !

I will have taken at least 1,500 images which will need sorting.

First I make backup copies so nothing can get lost.

Then I go through them and pick the best out for your album.all the pictures for the album are edited for colour contrast and brightness.

I am fully proficient with Photoshop and I am able to tweak pictures for you.

There are two examples shown here, the first is a great shot of the Bride " Jumping for joy " unfortunately a guest is in the background, no problem a swish of my " magic wand " and she is gone !

The second two are on the Golf course and some golfers and their gear are not wanted so whooosh and I make them disappear !

Finally when all is done I will post you a dvd  with your album.

I am sometimes asked to create a physical wedding album or book which I can do for you , prices can vary from as little as £ 100 but can go up to £ 200 or more.

Photoshop example.jpg
2H8A7489 (2).JPG
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